Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mastering Measurement

I'm embracing curriculum with a new lens.

This is my approach.
  1. Identify the standards within a particular unit or unit section.
  2. Create a framework that includes the following:
    1. the standards and explicit learning goals
    2. review, grade-level and enrichment paths available to all.
    3. a mix of learning strategies including paper/pencil, multimedia composition, games, projects, videos, problem solving, songs and online venues like That Quiz.
    4. lots of opportunities for students to collaborate, choose strategies, create and make decisions about how they'll bridge the gap between what they know and what they aspire to know.  
    5. room for revision and adaptation.
    6. learning venues and conversation available to students 24-7 via websites and class social network.
  3. Start the learning path.
  4. Formative assessments, reflection and revision along the way.
  5. When success criteria is met (or exceeded), move to the next unit learning goal. 
To meet State requirements, I will keep good records and "evidence" of the learning decisions and work. 

Right now, students are working on mastering measurement vocabulary. equivalencies and conversions.  All important skills and part of the State framework too.

We're learning the information via videos, worksheets, problem solving, games and online practice. Once students have been introduced to the information in a variety of ways, they'll have the chance to choose a way to study for the unit test using a wide variety of strategies. I'm also offering feedback along the way. The main lessons are hosted on our classroom math website

This is the nitty gritty of teaching--the foundation building that we do in school.  It is a parallel effort of learning how to learn while also learning specific content.  As the teacher it's up to me to engage, empower and activate this learning in meaningful, relevant ways.

This is the work teachers do, and when the goal is effective learning for all students, it's a mighty challenge and an amazing experience.

Note: The math website I've developed is a combination of the best of what I've found and use for fourth grade learning.  I welcome feedback, correction and ideas.