Saturday, August 11, 2012

#Blendchat 3: Sunday, 8/12 8pmEST

#blendchat started at #edcampbos in April.  A group of Massachusetts educators sat at a big table in the middle of a beautiful room at Microsoft's NERD center in Boston.  Educators that spanned the age groups and school levels met and discussed blended learning definitions, practice, tools and efforts.  Later we decided to chat on Twitter the first Sunday of each month.

Due to scheduling, in August we're chatting on the second Sunday at 8pmEST.  This chat will be focused on the ways that we teach children how to learn about and use the many tools of blended learning.  Questions we'll discuss include the following:

Q1: What tools do use in your blended learning endeavors?

Q2: How do you organize the tools to foster independent access and use?

Q3: How do you foster optimal use of the tools? What spaces do you create to support audio/video taping, collaborative composition and independent work.

Q4: What tools foster 24-7 access to learning and what routines do you establish to streamline this for best effect, feedback and response.

Q5: How do you communicate your blended learning efforts to the entire learning community i.e. teachers, administrators, parents and students so they understand the rationale and actions.

Q6: How do you foster fluidity in the blended learning environment so learning is the visible and effective.

I hope you'll join us Sunday if you're interested in sharing your ideas as to how to establish an effective blended learning environment in September.  It will be great to converse about the tools, training, structure and routines that springboard the blended learning efforts into engaging and productive student learning events.

Chat Follow-Up: Unfortunately #blendchat was competing with many other wonderful chats tonight.  Thanks to Faige Meller for joining and sharing her great work with children.  I don't think there's a lot of room left on Sunday night for this chat, so this is probably the final night.  Thanks to all for sharing their thoughts and ideas related to the blended learning environment.  I'm sure related ideas will be incorporated into many other chats in the weeks to come.

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