Saturday, March 24, 2012


Recently, I posted a host of disgruntled pieces on my blog.  I've since added them to my "save" file and took them off the web.  I'm pondering the work event that led to those posts.  People like positivity and humility, and few care for rant or rave.

One post led to a comment that basically told me to increase my humility, share less and stay close to my classroom rather than debating the bigger issues that affect my work.  That comment, though well intentioned, led me back to the many, many, many times I heard people tell me to be a "quiet, good girl" throughout my life.

I'm all for being good as I believe that makes a better world, and I'm a fan of humility too as I truly believe that none of us know it all or have it all, but I also believe in sharing the good news particularly when it's news of practice, thought and work that positively affect others, especially the children we teach.

Hence, humility plays an important role in the work we do, and so does the way we communicate what we do.  However, if educators are so humble that they don't share the "good news" of their work and care then systems won't grow and flourish.  Yes, actions speak, but so do thoughtful words and stories.