Saturday, March 24, 2012

Focus Time: To Do List

Time to bury myself in curriculum design and creation.  Here's my to do list.
  1. Many 30-minute, enjoyable math vocabulary building exercises such as crossword puzzles, comic strips, playwriting and others to strengthen students' collective vocabulary related to math.
  2. Blended informational packets (online and off) to support our upcoming endangered species unit as well as to continue to build reading/writing fluency, comprehension and skill.
  3. Multi-modal differentiated math activities to build skill and knowledge in fractions, decimals, measurement, probability, elapsed time as well as review in other areas. 
  4. Out of the Deep book study blog creation to support our next interactive read aloud and comprehension study focus.
  5. Craft collection and organization to support our biome mural creations.
  6. An online, quick feedback, regular assessment, phonics based spelling program to develop spelling skill for awesome readers and writers who already demonstrate fluency, comprehension and interest.
Those are the main ingredients for the next six weeks of the curriculum year.  If you've got helpful links or ideas, please let me know.  It's time to focus on the microsphere once again.