Saturday, March 24, 2012

Voice in Education

"Just be quiet and do the best you can."

Have you heard that before?


"You won't win, give up the fight and focus on your work, be the good soldier."

Those are mantras I grew up with, but I never believed them.  From my earliest days, I noticed how lack of voice contributed to quiet sustained systems of inequity, hatred and despair.  I wondered, "Why didn't anyone speak up?"

So now as a professional in a relatively optimal situation, I continue to speak up. I speak up because I care, and I know the harm that quiet and secrecy can do to organizations.

I long for communication systems and protocols that give voice to all who work in an organization in timely, respectful, fruitful ways as I know that voice can lead to positive change, and positive change can move organizations forward to best benefit those they serve.

Do you agree?