Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Parent Survey: Results

Responses are trickling in from the parent survey/report card letter I sent home with recent report cards.  Parents are responding as thoughtful team members--they're providing honest feedback.

I'm often hesitant to send home a survey as the teaching job sometimes seems overwhelming--you know what students need, and you know how to meet those needs, yet you run out of time or don't have the necessary materials to fulfill the needs.  I'm not going to let that stop me though as I'm committed to the action of parents, teachers and students working together as a team for best effect.

I know that when we're willing to hear critique, reflect and make change, our work improves and all children benefit.

Hence, once we finish our current big project, I'll settle in with a cup of coffee and read all the surveys.

I'll think about each comment and child as I rework the schedule and curriculum program to best meet the needs of all students.  I'll also respond to the needs with a short letter noting future responsive plans, go-to resources and rationale for the February-April leg of the school year. Teachers usually know their challenges well, so I'm anticipating the need to strengthen a few areas of my instructional repertoire too.

How do you survey families?  How do you react to the feedback?  What efforts do you employ to build a collaborative teacher-student-family culture into the school program?

Thanks for letting me know? Your feedback will certainly impact my response process.

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