Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Spring 2020 Teaching/Learning: Keep it positive

As remote teaching/learning continues for the next two weeks, the key is to keep it positive. Students have been invited to take part in a number of engaging and helpful learning/teaching activities. Almost all students are staying engaged which is terrific. As for the few who are not engaging in the teaching/learning program, we are working with guidance counselors and administration as to how to help these students more. I worry about these students, and I wonder about what more we can do to support these students' healthy, happy, and positive involvement in remote learning programs. Next year, I want to put into place protocols that keep accurate records about attendance, project completion, participation, parent contact, and student needs.

The overarching priority during this remote learning/teaching time has been to keep our learning community strong and positive. I believe we have done that for the most part--every member of our staff has given 200% and almost every family member and student have given 200% as well--this has been amazing! So for the final days, we'll begin the days with a big smile, time for student questions and thoughts, and then the introduction to the day's learning focus including lots of interesting and engaging learning that students will continue on their own in multiple ways--ways we've suggested and ways that they'll create on their own.