Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Good Process Matters

Too many decisions are made based on conjecture, competition, and poor process. Not enough people today use the design process for decision making, and because of that we waste a lot of precious time, dollars, relationship capacity, and positive results.

Before any discussion about any decision, the process should be decided. To solve the kinds of problems we have to solve today demands a good, collaborative process that puts the mission center stage. This kind of process focuses next on what's in the decision making arena including both the positives and negatives. Then it proceeds step-by-step with good decision making processes that enlist all voices in efficient, inclusive, goal-oriented ways.

Students and I reflected a bit on good process today as I shared the Edutopia film about the design process--it was a good film for children to see with good reminders about the elements of the design process, elements students are engaged with right now as they make their Global Cardboard/Recycled Goods creations.

So as I move forward to the unpredictable 2020-2021 school year, I know that I will face the prospects shared with the following list of priorities and good process.


  • Safety first
  • Positive learning/teaching relationships
  • Prioritizing worthy curriculum goals
  • Engaging learning experiences
  • Regular formative assessment, student response, and teaching/learning team conversations 
  • Continued modeling, learning, and promoting optimal lifelong learning mindsets, skills, and endeavor
  • Listen
  • Speak up if ideas seem unrealistic, unhealthy/unsafe, and not in keeping with teaching/learning priorities
  • Otherwise make it work with the best of my energy, creativity, and will do to a top notch job
  • Continue to develop a strong teaching/learning program
There's a temptation to rush decisions and to not listen to hear what others are doing and why. There is some urgency to get started with next year's plans, but we shouldn't do this without putting good process first--without good process we waste time, money, and capacity. I don't want to do that.