Monday, March 23, 2020

Structuring Learn-at-Home Days

This is week two of our learn-at-home weeks. Week one, overall, went well. I think that week two will be better. And the key to that betterment, is to add some structure to the days and the weeks. What will that structure look like?

Daily Reflection, News, and Writing
Similar to the way that I start most school days, I'll start each day with reading, writing, reflection, and watching/reading the news.

Morning Meetings, Prep, and Teaching
During the morning I'll work on prepping teaching materials, meeting with colleagues, and teaching/meeting with students virtually.

Noon News
I like watching the briefings from the state and federal governments when possible to stay abreast of what is happening with regard to COVID-19.

Afternoon Meetings, Prep, and Teaching
Similar to the morning.

Afternoon walk, dinner with the family, more news, and an evening of reading and good shows. 

This weekend I hope to have my parents to dinner. It's been 14 days for me and I've hardly been out so i think I'm free of the virus. No one here is showing any signs. We are really being careful. My parents have shown no symptoms yet. They've been careful too so hopefully we can have this gathering next weekend.