Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Must say that this pandemic has me a bit frazzled simply because the typical predictability I'm used to has been replaced with cancellations, quandary, speculation and the effort to understand a phenomenon new to me--the phenomenon of a new virus, a virus that lacks good testing, a vaccine, and understanding by experts.

I am thankful the the wise and preventative measures so many are taking to mitigate this threat. I'm okay with a bit of change in exchange for less lives loss--that's the right thing to do. As an educator, how will I react to this coronavirus reaction as well as typical-last-third-of-the-year trying-to-fit-it-all-in worry.

First, if I'm a bit stressed by it all, it is likely that the children and their families are stressed too. To combat this, I'll make the school day a bit more routine and predictable than usual. I'll also make sure that we have time for open circle discussion, outdoor recess, and meaningful just-right learning activities. I'll work to relieve the stressors in school that I can in order to alleviate some stress for all of us.

Next, this is not the time of year to rewrite or make big changes to the curriculum program. I'll rely on the curriculum program elements that are in place now and put my energy into supporting the children with those efforts. I'll take advantage of the time gained from events cancelled to catch up on a number of projects, research efforts, and more. Onward.