Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Changing Days: What's Important

As the days as we know them are changing due to the coronavirus, I am thinking about what's most important before I venture into school today.

A simple, positive routine
I'll make sure that our student routine is simple and positive--that's good for all of us.

Making sure the classroom is organized and ready to be closed if needed is important--this virus catches easily so it's best to be prepared for that just in case.

Contribution, calm
At times of uncertainty, it is important to be as calm as possible and contribute as well as you can. I don't want to add to the confusion.

At-home projects
Since many events are cancelled, this is a good time to get started on at-home projects such as organizing photos, perhaps planting seedlings for a spring garden, deep cleaning. . . . .

Family gatherings at home
Planning a festive St. Patrick's Day celebration at home.

This is a time of worry, particularly for those of us with elderly parents, college students, and populated people schedules during the day. Yet, the way we deal with this is important and potentially life saving for ourselves and others.