Thursday, February 06, 2020

The day's strategy

I take a strategic approach towards teaching. This approach has been fostered by the countless sports teams my own sons have been apart of over time. I've watched my sons' coaches use good strategy to develop strong and collaborative winning teams.

Today as I look at the agenda, I determined the following strategy:
  • I'll ask a few talented teachers and teaching assistants to support a few learners who need that kind of help for a couple of prioritized tasks.
  • I'll focus my attention on a small number of students who have yet to complete a couple of essential assignments with regard to mastering the expected learning standards.
  • I'll ask a few students who are ahead with regard to the expected learning to "teach" and support classmates who are behind not because of learning challenges, but instead behind due to absences and focus. 
The learning goals prioritized today include the final practice session before Friday's unit math test and a social-emotional assessment that will inform our SEL and STEAM teaching efforts and our overall grade-level/school efforts.

I'll also focus in on our improved efforts to support students' optimal readiness for learning including organization, following directions, asking questions, and advocating for needed support.

In some ways, every day in school is game day--a day that includes the best possible strategy to lead every child forward towards success on this day, this year, during their school years, and beyond.