Thursday, February 06, 2020

A good day and the plans ahead

This week's deep assessment of what learner's need resulted in a productive learning day. That's good news. Not unlike any relationship we encounter, there are times when we have to rethink and recalibrate in order to teach well.

An unexpected afternoon event thwarted my original plans so now I'm home thinking about tomorrow and the week ahead. What's on the agenda?

Climate Change Projects
Tomorrow at our PLC we'll review the expectations for students' climate change projects. I'll create a road map to assist our review this afternoon. Then next week we'll spend the larger part of three days working on these projects.

Math Tests
Students have been preparing for the math test for quite a while. Tomorrow all students will take the test in the morning.

Valentine's Day Boxes and Free Choice
Students will have time to craft Valentine's Day boxes and make free choices--lots of exemplary work by many students led to the free choice time.

Volume Study
We'll begin next week with a volume study.

Bud, Not Buddy
My very small reading group will finish this book.

Story Contest
We'll make time to finally read the story contest stories.

Reading Data Meeting
We'll end next week with a focus on looking deeply at students' reading data and making decisions about reading instruction and free reading time/process at that meeting.