Thursday, February 13, 2020


Educators deal with their fair share of disrespect. This shows up from multiple arenas in all kinds of ways. It is never positive or enriching to be the recipient of disrespectful words or behaviors.

We are also the recipients of great respect. This year when I think of respect, one family comes to mind. The mom's emails are always very respectful and the child continuously displays amazing manners and respect. They are models of respect, and when you are treated with this kind of respect, you naturally want to do all you can for people like this.

Yet, disrespect, particularly in the elementary school, is a sign of greater struggle. In general, most students are naturally respectful. When a young child is outwardly and continuously disrespectful, it generally is a cry for help. The challenge is understanding what the child needs and having the time and place to fulfill that need.