Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Difficult Teaching: Environmental Science Project Based Learning

Today's teaching will be difficult.

Students are working together on local environmental projects. Today's work is difficult because it demands that students persist with challenging research, collaboration, and project details. This is probably the most difficult day yet for this project because children have to work up and strive.

How will I encourage and coach the students forward with this challenging, but positive project.

We'll begin by watching an inspirational video about a young girl who forwarded a similar project to create positive environmental protection and change. I'll focus in on the fact that one person's positive response to problems that exist can make a life enriching difference for our environment and our lives.

I will review students' primary three jobs for the day which include completing three project organization sheets. Then I'll pass out students' project folders and let them get started. As I move around the room checking in on their projects, I'll focus on teamwork, organization, and getting the task done.

Once students have worked for a good amount of time on the projects, we'll break to discuss teamwork. I'll share a few related videos, and then we'll have a circle to discuss what is working with regards to collaboration and what is not working.

The day will include gym, lunch, and the start of our new SEL-related film, Akeelah and the Bee, too. A difficult day is always made easier when there is a good outline. Onward.