Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Another turn in the teaching road; 2019-2020

Students sat in a circle discussing the upcoming change to Middle School. One student remarked that he was excited, but he would miss some of his elementary school teachers. Just last week, one of those teachers predicted this child's anticipation of upcoming change--she was right.

The children are clearly aware of the upcoming change, and I am aware that they are looking and acting a lot more like middle school students than elementary school students these days. What does this mean for the teaching/learning program in the days ahead?

In general, this is the time of year when we refine our focus. We take a hard look at the goals met, and then chart the course towards the goals we have left to meet.

Math Focus
Students overall have done very well with the math goals so far. We'll continue down a similar path to meet the goals that remain in the weeks ahead.

Science Focus
We'll make a big push to complete most of our environmental science goals this week and during the first days after February break. Once we have our climate fair, we'll move into a big focus on physical science.

Reading and Writing
We have a meeting focused on this work at the end of the week. This will help us to right our course in this direction.

Special Events
We have many, many fun and meaningful special learning events planned. We have some details to work out in this regard, but in general, we are prepared for these events.

What is most important is that we continue to support these children with as much positivity, meaning, and good work possible in the days ahead. Onward.