Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Time Investment

Where do you invest your time?

Recently I made an inquiry and got no response. I wasn't surprised since I received an inquiry that I didn't respond to either. Why didn't I respond? Simply put, I didn't respond because my time is spoken for--there are no more minutes in the day to do that work, and I suspect that is why no one responded to my inquiry as well--there's rarely a minute left in the day.

Is this different than in the past? Did we have more time in the past or I am imagining that. The job of teaching has always been busy, but perhaps with an experienced staff and ample materials, what we can do is amazing and we're spending our time doing that deep and good work, work that includes personalizing lessons, collaborative meetings, curriculum research, professional learning, student response, family meetings and more.

So, as I think of some of the less supported initiatives in my midst, I am fully aware that we can't do it all and it is a matter of choosing what is most important to do and for the most part, that is serving the children in front of you each and every day. Onward.