Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Keep the momentum going

Students have been studying how the the base ten numeral system works since September. This week and next marks the end of the first big push in that area. Then students will have an assessment to determine what they've mastered. Right now, the goal is to keep the momentum going since the last few days of this study is a bit messy with students at many different points and needing a variety of supports.

What will I do to keep the momentum going?

First, I'll keep a list of who has completed the study packet--a packet that includes a number of questions, models, and exercises related to the study focus. I'll share that list with the students, and give them time to finish on their own, with classmates, and with teacher support.

Next, I'll encourage students to work towards completion of the fifth grade online Symphony Math exercises. These exercises are a great match for the current learning.

And, students will have the chance to complete an online Google form content review on Friday and a Google form practice test next week.

There's a short, related homework assignment that they are tasked with completing too.

So, there are many study opportunities and lots of ways to complete those tasks both in school and at home. I'll continue the mantra that success is within their grasp if they do the following:
  • Stay on task during study times
  • Choose optimal work partners
  • Ask questions and seek support when they don't understand
  • Have confidence in their ability to learn if they follow these steps
  • Know that a strong foundation in math skill, process, and thinking leads to success in all areas of life--it's important to develop apt mathematical thinking skills and abilities
I'm very proud of the students' tenacity and success to date--they've made great progress. In these next few days, I'll work to keep that momentum going. And, following the assessment next week, we'll enter into an engaging, hands-on volume exploration that invites creativity, problem solving, and lots of choice which will be a nice complement to this mostly online and paper pencil study this week and next. Onward.