Thursday, January 09, 2020

I can do my job better than ever thanks to so many awesome supports

It's true, I can do my job better than ever thanks to the efforts of so many which have resulted in the following:
  • More respect
  • Greater organization
  • Attention to social-emotional learning in ways that matter
  • Greater teacher autonomy
  • More support from the greater teaching/learning environment
  • A terrific, collaborative team approach to teaching students at the grade-level
This is all good and has made my job a lot better. In fact, these are my very best years of teaching. I am so grateful. 

And with that betterment, comes lots of positive work and potential. My schedule is full, but full with positive endeavor. This too is good.

What are we doing?

Project Based Learning: Climate Change Fair
This is a challenging, but positive project that involves all students at the grade level in meaningful student-driven, creative, and collaborative study.

Hands-On Science Exploration and Creativity
There's lots and lots of science to teach. The greatest challenge is finding good time for this learning.

Math Program
Students overall are dedicated to doing well. The teaching team is highly invested and supportive of all math teaching. The challenge, like science, is making enough time for the study possible and finessing our efforts.

Most students are regularly engaged with reading great books. There's a few more that we need to focus in on with greater depth and strength. We're working on that. Students get a terrific dose of daily reading study and instruction--they're making good progress. 

Students are writing lots of varied genre with enthusiasm. This is all good.

Special Events
Almost every week we have a special event which makes the learning program more interesting. This not only teaches students well but builds an enthusiastic and dedicated learning community too. 

The greatest challenge is to stick with the learning schedule created with sensitivity, care, and good work. This requires a positive self-care routine and optimal collaboration. It's been a long road to get to this wonderful destination. No complaints here.