Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Every class has a different personality

Yesterday was the first day back after the holiday break. We discussed potential, capacity, good books, reading, past science teaching/learning, and the upcoming climate change fair. There was good time for recess too.

As I reacquainted myself with the class, I was reminded of the fact that every class has their own personality and what works one year may not work the next. You can't expect the same every year, but instead you have to teach the children in front of you by maximizing their strengths and mitigating the challenges they bring to the teaching/learning environment.

This year's class loves to play--they could have recess all day without a problem. Many love to draw and create too. They enjoy active learning more than discussion, and they seem to like it in smaller doses than long, extended learning periods. Tests work well for this group as a test is a way to settle them down and help them attend to material with focus and with regard to teamwork, some are great at it and others find it challenging.

The classroom is small for this team of active learners so spreading students out to available nooks and crannies in the school helps.

Today I'll be thinking of what helps this group learn as well as possible while we engage in a math review, climate change project work, and time for reading. It's both a challenge and a joy to teach a new and different group of children every year. The job is never dull. Onward.