Sunday, December 29, 2019

Second class citizen

For a long time, I've profited from the intelligence, courage, and great ideas of many educational leaders who share their knowledge, ideas, and questions online. These wonderful educators have greatly increased my capacity to teach well, advocate for promising change, and learn. I am grateful for knowing these educational leaders.

Yet, as I have learned from many of these people, I have felt a bit like a second class citizen. I have noticed that these groups include mainly men and young, beautiful women. Older women are mostly not embraced in these groups. There are a few exceptions here. I have simply accepted this as a fact that I don't fully understand. I have also accepted somewhat harsh responses to my ideas and work also without full understanding.

I know that I don't have the monopoly on knowledge, good speak, and best work, but I do know that I've spent a lifetime learning about teaching and teaching as well as I can. I have committed to continually updating my practice and advocating for research-based, promising change and growth in the field of education locally and beyond whereas many of these ed-leaders spend little time in classrooms or with children--their expertise is somewhat distanced from the challenges we face everyday in schools, and their advice is sometimes not relevant.

On the other hand, their courage and will to research and challenge educational systems, has made me think deeply about what I do and sent me to books, experts, conferences, and learning that I would not have considered before. This has created wonderful opportunity and good work with regard to teaching well. I appreciate this.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. I've thought about it often. This is my first attempt to express this situation. What do you think?