Sunday, December 29, 2019

Big think to local action

Big think can leave us with grandiose plans about changing the world, but unless we translate that big think into local action, nothing will happen.

I've been thinking big all morning, and now it's time to translate that big think into local action--what will I do?

  • Focus on our grade-level environmental science curriculum. We are involving the students in lots of standards-based, hands-on environmental education and advocacy. This is positive in so many ways.
  • Focus on teaching a multi-modal, hands-on, standards-based math program that provides students with a strong foundation of mathematical skill, thinking, problem solving, and analyses. 
  • Focus on reading the book, Just Mercy, as I focus on my 2020 one-word, reverence.
  • Make time to welcome and support family members as they celebrate milestone events, persevere in work/school endeavor, connect with and build relations with loved ones, and live good lives.
  • Focus on the kind of self-care that allows me to live well and do well by others.
  • Make time to reflect and plan for the future in ways that match my values and dreams.
  • Speak out and work against hate and injustice via research, reading, writing, and support for political candidates and leaders who promote the best of whom we can be as a people and nation.