Sunday, November 03, 2019

Schools: Joyful Places

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.13.05 AM.png

As I thought about the weeks ahead, weeks that will make up the Season of Light for so many, I thought about the need to make school a joyful place for students. I know that our team has been working hard to put schedules in place, meet expectations, help everyone follow the "group plan" and coordinate our efforts in meaningful ways. We've been working hard, and perhaps we've been working a little too hard since I'm feeling that need to get back to the needed joy that makes schools great places to be and great places to learn, make friends, create, and come together. 

The tweets at the top of the page, in part, fostered these thoughts in me. Also, our wonderful, recent field trip to Old Sturbridge Village reminded me of the joy possible with playful exploration and learning in wonderful teaching/learning spaces.

So how will I increase the joy in the days ahead. First, I'll work to slow it down a bit so there's more time and attention for what matters most. Then, I'll likely not add anything new--we've got a good plan in place and now it's time to refine that plan rather than add to it. And, I'll think of the many festivals and holidays related to light and gratitude that students will be celebrating, and I'll work to bring that brightness and spirit into the classroom. Onward.