Sunday, November 03, 2019

Endless Potential: What's your shortlist?

Since the role of teacher is a role of endless potential, we all have to make ourselves some shortlists to live and work by.

This is my shortlist for this week:

Sunday: Purchase a few remaining materials for this week's science explorations. Review a box full of assignments (not fun, but definitely worthwhile)

Monday: Teach and prep for upcoming science explorations. Faculty meeting. Complete a few chores related to Friday's presentation.

Tuesday: Teach and prep for Friday's presentation. Plan with team for more effective collaboration coaching for this week's science explorations.

Wednesday: A day mostly devoted to science exploration. An afternoon of student-led family-student-teacher conferences.

Thursday: Teach, sub plans, copies for Friday's presentation, Union meeting, prep for Friday's presentation, pack for long weekend event.

Friday: Leave early for the presentation, present, attend other presentations, homeward, and off to the weekend's event.

Planning what you will do is as important as planning what you won't do. This won't be a week for much big think or future project work--there simply isn't the time. There will be time for that next week. Onward.