Friday, October 11, 2019

The Best Kid in the Room

Who is the best kid in the room?
  • Is it the child who entertained kindergartners by counting by 2's, 5's, 10's to 100 while they waited for their teacher to be ready?
  • Is it the child who quickly jumped up to clean up the coffee spill when another child bumped into the teacher?
  • Is it the child who cleaned up the library after 65 fifth graders met there to listen to a science introduction?
  • Is it the child who sat on a bean bag chair and read to his kindergarten buddy?
  • Is it the child who asked if he could help children who didn't understand the math concept?
  • Is it the child who drew a beautiful poster to encourage children to ride bikes rather than drive in cars?
  • Is it the child who showed kindness to a friend who lost a loved one?
No one kid is the best kid because all children bring good traits and actions to school each day. Every day children do so many wonderful things in school life. Sometimes a less than positive act overshadows the daily triumphs that happen again and again and again. We can't lose sight of all the good, and we must find ways to recognize that as often as possible.