Friday, September 13, 2019

The Week Ahead: September 16, 2019

Overall it was a good week of teaching and learning. The highlight included the students' My Three Words projects, the Best Part of Me poems, their teamwork, buddies, and the well-attended Curriculum Night. Challenges included some new scheduling patterns, a few communication snafus, and finding the best ways to collaborate with the many educators I work with throughout the week.

Next week the focus will be helping every child do their best on the many efforts we'll engage in, efforts that continue to focus on divisibility rules, systemwide tech programs, read aloud, independent reading, and working at good collaboration patterns as the year's schedule takes shape.

As the week takes shape, we have put the following collegial efforts in place:

  • Monday newsletter meeting
  • Tuesday student planning meeting
  • Wednesday professional learning events
  • Thursday local union meetings
  • Friday PLC and weekly planning meetings
The student schedule is taking shape too. The week includes the following:
  • specials: art, music, tech, library, physical education
  • math five times a week
  • ELA reading and writing ten times a week
  • read aloud
  • independent reading
  • science and social studies activities
  • recess and lunch
Students have started the year with a very positive mindset--now it's time to work toward depth and breadth as we focus on teaching every child well. Onward.