Sunday, September 15, 2019

School Starts: Affirming and Repositioning

The start of the school year finds educators repositioning a lot--repositioning schedules, staffing, classroom arrangements, curriculum programs, and more. The repositioning is the positive result of getting to know who the learners are and what they need and desire.

The start of the year is also a time to affirm that which is working well--the keepers the match who the students are and what they need and desire.

This morning I revisited the schedule, and although I'd like to rush to the next topics, I know that it is in everyone's best interests to complete the learning efforts we've started before starting new efforts.

With renewed focus, the week ahead will find me doing the following:

  • Prepping for Wednesday's reading inservice related to reading workshop. Our team will prep the team app so we can think about this and work on it with a collaborative focus.
  • Prepping for continued teamwork focus in science and social studies, and prepping for upcoming science and social studies lessons.
  • Completing lots of exercises and assignments related to divisibility rules, multiples, factors, and multiplication facts. 
  • Working on online tech programs.
  • Continued read aloud.
  • Prep for upcoming professional learning efforts. 
As I often write about, it's essential that we have the best possible schedule so that there's good time for teaching the students and the collaboration of the many educators that serve the students. Onward.