Friday, September 27, 2019

School sickness

Ten minutes into my lunch break, the illness took root. Ugh! No teacher likes to catch the viruses and bacterial infections that sometimes run rampant in any school community, but I got caught. Last year I went most of the year without any school-born illnesses. This year, I got caught in the first month.

It's a good reminder to wash my hands regularly, instruct children about what to do with their tissues and about washing their hands, and keeping a healthy schedule. One reason I was a ready victim is because the days before I pushed harder than I should have--balance is always a struggle since the opportunity to do more and better at school is a limitless proposition.

The good news is that our schedule is finally in place, staffing complete, and program goals and efforts positioned. Now it's time to dig in to get to know our learners more and help each and everyone of them to learn with engagement, relevance, and success. 

The days ahead will find me looking at the work each child has done so far, charting their strengths and working towards helping out in their areas of need. Students will work on their portfolios in the week ahead as well as we prepare for upcoming parent conferences. Onward.