Monday, September 30, 2019

Focus: Revisiting the Big Picture

I have to revisit the big picture continuously to get strength to do the work I believe in and live the life I honor. I find myself often digging deep to mine that energy, passion, spirit to push forward in ways that matter. A first step in mining that energy is focusing my writing and thoughts about my vision, goals, and direction.

My overall direction is to use my time in ways that match my main goals in life which include loving and caring for family, doing my work well as a teacher, contributing to the greater community in positive ways, and the kind of self care that gives me positive energy.

Family Care and Love
As always my family takes center stage in my life. My loved ones take me down all kinds of roads I never thought I'd travel and I try to be open minded, welcoming, and interested in those paths. Their collective road, in part, is my road, and I'm open to this adventure. I want to support their good work and relationships as well as help out when I can.

Specifically this means making my home warm and welcoming, sharing in my family members' special interests and events, and making time to comfort, care for, and spend time with those I love.

Doing Good Work
As a teacher, I hope to work with the learning team including students, colleagues, family members, administrators, and the greater community to promote best possible learning experiences, the kind of experiences that result in a strong, caring learning community that respects individual's unique abilities, paths, interests, and challenges while also coming together to enjoy and learn from targeted, students-first, brain-friendly, meaningful learning experiences.

At present this work means making time to focus on each students' needs with regard to math, working with students' creation of showcase portfolios, getting this year's STEAM program off the ground, and working with colleagues to develop our individual and collective professional craft and knowledge.

Contributing to the Greater Community
My work in this regard at this time mainly involves reading, research, writing, and advocating for what I believe is best for our country and its people. I am keeping a close eye on national politics, speaking out against errant leaders and lawless ways, and supporting good, positive leaders--the kinds of leaders who will work for conditions of peace and prosperity in the United States and beyond.

Self Care
Educators know that self care is often a challenge since we have limitless jobs. In this regard, I'm always working to put in place the best possible routine--the kind of routine that helps me to optimize energy to do the work I hope to do.

To keep the focus doesn't mean that life is all fun and games, but instead it's a series of doing the good interesting work as well as the dull needed tasks to keep approaching the good living and contribution I desire.