Monday, September 30, 2019

Areas of Responsibility

Schools, like little cities, include multiple individuals and groups all tasked with specific jobs and responsibility. The clearer the mission and goals of the school, the better those groups work with common direction and effort. When the goals and mission are less clear, more scatter and disruption occur.

Similarly, good job descriptions help staff work in ways that matter and contribute to mission and goals, and when those job descriptions are murky, it's likely that the contribution won't be as targeted and successful either. Yet, there does need to be some play in every job description--some flexibility since few responsibilities can occur without shifting, sorting, and intersecting along the way.

I can see many ways to improve and change schools--I have lots of ideas about how things should happen, yet I'm only one person with limited time, energy, and perspective. Hence, it's essential at some point early in each year to identify the parameters, responsibilities, and efforts that describe my job, a job that includes the following elements:

  • co-creating and supporting a warm, welcoming classroom and grade-level team where everyone belongs and everyone continues to develop positive social-emotional skills 
  • a solid, engaging, and meaningful math program that teaches the standards well.
  • a solid, engaging, and meaningful science program that teaches the standards well.
  • personal interest and support for each child's success, happiness, and progress at school
  • professional learning and share in order to continually develop and improve my craft
  • following the weekly routine as established to support each child and the teaching/learning program
That's this year's job description--a clear path to follow.