Friday, September 13, 2019

Building Teamwork and Collaborative Skill 2019-2020

For the past few years, our grade-level teaching team has been working with students to build the TEAM in STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math). This year we will continue this process with successful efforts from the past as well as new ways. How will we do this?

First we fostered a team graffiti project. On the first day, it was obvious that most children weren't really sure about what to do. We talked about it, and they came up with a list of teamwork sills and processes. The next day resulted in much more wonderful creativity and collaboration.

Then we re-looked at our classroom teams and made some changes based on student choices. After that we engaged in another team building activity: the note card challenge. Teams worked together with 100 note cards to create structures. 

Next week, we'll talk more seriously about team and likely get involved in one more teamwork activity. Before we can move into our many wonderful science and social studies activities, it's important that we focus on team, and why optimal teamwork does enrich our collective ability to explore, create, make decisions, and learn. Onward.