Monday, August 05, 2019

Think deeply and work for what matters most

These Trump times are discouraging for those of us that work day in and day out to do the best we can for those we love and work with and for. To watch our country torn apart by a leader that spews hatred daily means that we all have to work harder to do the good work possible since we are working against a dominant force in our country, a force that more and more people are coming to know as the ignorant force of White supremacy. White supremacy is not new as those most oppressed and harmed by that force know, but when the President of the United States nods, winks, and gives the green light to this hateful mentality and activity, he promotes deeper and greater hate and violence which is exactly the opposite of what so many good Americans work and live for in their lives everyday.

What can we do to do the good work possible and work against this destructive force?

Surround ourselves with strong, good people
As much as possible stay away from the destructive people like Trump and his self-serving, dangerous, and destructive family members, cronies, and supporters.

Support the hard working, positive people
There are so many good people in the United States, people who commit their lives to good work and positive relationships. Find those people, support those people, and learn from those people.

Contribute to communities of care
Do what you can to contribute to communities of care--positive, uplifting, transformative communities.

Speak up and act against destructive words and acts that oppress and diminish others
Work for opportunity and betterment for all--do what you can to help others.

Focus mostly on what you can do rather than the wrong that others are doing
While it's important to speak up and act against the heinous words and acts of the president, his family members, and cronies, it's also important to focus on the good work that you can do--work that makes a positive difference in your own life and the lives around you.