Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Some things are not meant to be

This week I worked towards a couple of personal and professional initiatives that simply are not meant to be. I worked at those efforts in a large number of ways, and when obstacles arose, I did the research and tried to work at them in different ways. No matter what I tried, I didn't make any headway, and I used up a lot of time trying. When I give it my all, and no one is losing out significantly, I do give up if an effort doesn't work after numerous tries, and that's exactly what happened with these events--eventually it became clear that for whatever reason that may exist, those efforts are not suppose to happen right now.

This has happened to me in my life in the past, and generally when I've tried and tried and tried, and events don't go as hoped for, I eventually look back and recognize that the events simply were not meant to be and by not engaging in those events, room was left for other, more important efforts.

The lack of success with these relatively insignificant events alerted me once again to the advantage of good planning and lead time. In many ways, these events were somewhat spontaneous and the schedule was already full. On the other hand, there was another event added on at the last minute that turned out to be just perfect--a smooth, easy add-on that resulted in positivity.

Not all goes as planned, and some things are not meant to be. Those are adages that come in handy on days like this.