Friday, August 16, 2019

Be a helper

This is the first of the last three years of my teaching career. It is also my 34th year of teaching. Last year, my 33rd year of teaching, was my best year to date thanks to the incredible collaboration of my grade-level team and the modern ways we teach today. We truly fostered a dynamic teaching/learning community and reaped many positive results with regard to students' overall experience of school and academic success. Of course there remains room for growth and goals to achieve, but I've never felt better about teaching with a new school year on the horizon.

With three years left, time to do the job well, a good level of experience, and an open mind, I want to spend my final three years doing the best I can by my grade-level team including students, families, colleagues, and community members. I also want to help out when and where I can. Since there are many new educators and leaders in my midst, I can offer a historical perspective to the school system and community in general. That being said, I am also excited to learn from the new educators and administrators too--I love the way that new people can inspire your outlook and add to your knowledge and skill.

How do I plan to be a helper? I plan to be present should people have questions or needs. I plan to help out with time and support when available, and I plan to add my perspective when I believe it is helpful. I also plan to step back too in order to let others lead with their ideas, experience, and perspective.

I want to end my teaching career with as much good dedication and service as I can. That's important to me, and a positive way to begin a new year. Onward.