Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What's your presidential election strategy?

You can become overwhelmed by the presidential election process since it's so long, complicated, and populated? However, it's important to have a personal process on how you'll get involved in ways that matter, ways that help our country to move forward. This is my strategy:

During this time I read a lot and thought a lot about the candidates. I chose to support Elizabeth Warren with a few dollars because she represents the ideas I believe in and the experience, energy, and will that I believe it takes to lead the country well.

I'm listening carefully to the debates and reading about the candidates. I'm also staying attune to the political events that are occurring now. Donald Trump's leadership is suspect at best. His continual stream of lies, exaggeration, shaming, blaming, name calling, and disrespect demonstrates his poor character and lazy leadership. He is a dangerous and weak leader who continually plays the people and obstructs justice for his own gain. For example I just read this very worrisome article about his cavalier and me-first attitude when it comes to sharing secrets about our nuclear capabilities/knowledge--this is outrageous. Trump's constant efforts to use American systems, laws, and people with cronyism and nepotism to elevate his personal wealth, power, and ego take our country down, belittle us as a people, and put us in danger. He needs to go, and we need to elect a pragmatic, intelligent candidate who believes in the potential our country holds for betterment and opportunity for all, not just a wealthy few.

With this in  mind, I'll do the following:

  • Pay attention to this handy reference of the election process.
  • Speak out and act with as much evidence and specificity as possible against the errant, dangerous words and ways of Donald Trump's and his errant Republican cronies and family members.
  • Speak up and act on behalf of Democratic candidates that exemplify what I believe is best for our country.
  • Continue to primarily support Elizabeth Warren as long as I believe that she's the top candidate.
  • Find ways to get increasingly involved as we get closer to the primary caucuses and elections.
  • Continue to read, research, and speak out on the issues in positive ways that meet my central vision and belief which is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, not just a wealthy few and honest, people-centered leadership not the kind of me-first, self-serving leadership continually displayed by Trump and his cronies.
Every American has to get involved in this election. Every American has to register to vote, make a voting plan that includes the time/transportation/study they need to be able to vote. This election matters for all of our lives. We can't let an errant, dangerous leader continue to manipulate us with slick sound bites and dangerous decisions--he's the president who cries wolf. He has no credibility left--we can and must do better.