Monday, July 29, 2019

Peaceful Communities: It's Not Rocket Science

Creating peaceful communities is not rocket science. What holds us back from this ideal is greed. If more Americans were supporters of good regulations, fair taxation, environmental protections, and community support, we would have more peaceful communities, communities where people don't have to fear the loss of loved ones.

There is so much that we can do to insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare of every community in the United States. Here's a short list that will lead us ahead in peaceful ways.

Reduce, Restrict, and Regulate Guns
Guns, like cars, should be heavily regulated. There should be age limits, training requirements, tests and more so that the only people who have guns are people who we believe can responsibly be gun owners. Also, we need to restrict the types of guns people buy. Restricting, reducing, and regulating guns will save lives lost from gun attacks on innocents, gun deaths by suicide, and gun death related to domestic violence.

Help Young Families
It's very challenging to raise families in the United States given the lack of supports. That stress and the financial burden of day care creates disharmony. Support longer paid maternity leaves, universal child care, affordable/accessible health care and more to help young families raise their children with the capacity to give every child a positive start in life.

Support Education and Health Care
Uneducated, unhealthy people have the potential to be less peaceful. We need to educate all of the people in the United States well and we need to make sure they have the holistic health care they need--health care that includes mental health services and dental services too.

Environmental Protection
When people don't have clean, beautiful natural lands around them, they easily become sick or discouraged. We need to protect and take care our our natural lands as places that provide inspiration, recreation, and wonderful clean resources that help us live healthy, happy lives.

Support Community Care
Trump's recent racist tirade pointing to the existence of rats in urban communities reminds us of the the great need our country has for uplifting and supporting communities. Many communities throughout the United States suffer from rodent/insect infestation, outdated and unsafe infrastructure, crumbling schools, dirty parks, insufficient public servants, outdated transportation, and lack of opportunity. Trump and his #gop cronies will to serve a wealthy few rather than the entire country, blocks opportunity and potential with regard to updating, revitalizing, and supporting communities all over the United States. We need to do better in this regard. Fair taxation will provide funding for this.

Respect ALL People
The will of some like Trump, his family members, and cronies to Make America Better Again for only a small group of Americans that look and live like them wastes our country's time, money, and potential. Their errant, ignorant, and self-serving ways block opportunity and create divide. The only way to build a strong country is to respect ALL people, not just a select few.

The United States holds great potential for good living for all. Selfish leaders like Trump, his family members, and cronies work to tear our country apart with their self serving, greedy ways that focus mostly on their own wealth, power, and ego. They are dangerous leaders who must be stopped by using the legal process of impeachment and by electing qualified, collaborative, intelligent leaders who have good experience with making positive change that uplifts people.

When our leaders stand silently by while a little six year old is shot dead when attending a community event, that's disgusting. We can't stay silent. We all have to act to rid our country of the greedy few like Trump who do not appear to have the sanity, intelligence, experience or will to be faithful to and forward the law of the land, a law that paves the way for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. We can do better.