Monday, July 29, 2019

List Making, Productivity, and Good Living

Like many, I'm a list maker. I keep a running list of tasks to do, then when I have time, I consult my energy/environment/mood/available supports, look at my list, and choose what it is that I will do. This has been a very successful strategy for getting things done. For example today I have good energy and I want to be active. I know that my son will be heading back to college soon and there's lots to do to help him get ready so that's where I'll throw my initial good energy this morning.

I use a similar strategy in the classroom. I have always have many learning experiences/strategies ready to go and I generally match the experience to students' collective energy, interest, and need at the time. I choose what matches best, and that typically results in better learning.

The running to-do list is a positive strategy for staying on top of what it is you have to or want to do to support the kind of life you want to live. I recommend.