Monday, July 22, 2019

Cheerleaders for Betterment

To make better, you often have to dig deep to get that energy to go the extra mile, do the additional work, and reach for the important details and specific efforts that lead to betterment.

For some, there is great drive for betterment due to their personal experiences. In some ways, I drive like that propelled me to teach and strive for betterment as an educator. As a young student myself, I noticed so many ways that schools could have better served students especially students who struggle. I wanted to get in there and make a difference for students like that. My personal experience gave me a front row seat to the despair some children experienced in schools of old which led to the drive I have to make schools better.

We see people with drive that came from all kinds of personal experiences, experiences that have allowed them to understand what communities and individuals need for better healthy, educated, peaceful lives. It is their personal experience of witnessing or experiencing struggle and their belief that we can makes things better that results in the drive that leads us forward.

When that initial drive is met or if the challenge is steep, there's a need for support, encouragement, and cheerleading to continue the ascent to betterment. It's almost impossible to continually reach without the camaraderie of good people to work with you and cheer you on in this kind of work. It's essential that we also reach out to support the many who work for betterment and in and around us every day rather than those that tear at the fabric of good living and positive potential.