Sunday, July 21, 2019

Challenge of our times: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL!

The challenge of our times is to be active in ways that promote a positive agenda for our world today and our world tomorrow while also working to be the best you can be with regard to your family, profession, and community. The potential with regard to these challenges is limitless--there is so much that we can do to forward the good and make better in today's world. This limitless proposition can be overwhelming at times as one matches the potential with the limitations we do face--limitations with regard to time, energy, connection, money, proximity, and more.

So as we figure out our vision and our work, we have to consider both the limitless potential we hold and the limits that create boundaries/direction to that work--the ebb and flow of positive, creative work. Where do we start?

Start with self
What can you do to empower yourself with sufficient energy, money, time to do good work? What kind of lifestyle puts you in a position to do more than just meet your basic needs and interests? What are the elements of an empowering, positive daily routine? While this is not difficult to know, it is sometimes difficult to live up to for all kinds of reasons. Generally slowing life down, living more intentionally, and prioritizing what's most important helps you to take good care of yourself. Critical components of this work includes the following:
  • safe environment
  • nutritious food
  • adequate sleep
  • optimal health care (including dental)
  • exercise, movement
  • positive recreation
  • daily learning
  • green living
Next, those you love and care for
How do you best love and care for those around you--how do you help them to live best possible lives? I offer the following:
  • emotionally and physically safe environment
  • nutritious food
  • healthy activity/recreation
  • adequate sleep
  • positive learning at school and elsewhere
  • concerted cultivation--helping those you love be their best possible selves, selves true to what they desire, need, look for
  • acceptance
  • presence
  • listening
  • making space for them in your life in ways that matter
  • support for their interests, vocation,  talents, yearnings, and the people they love
And, community
  • act for emotionally and physically safe environments
  • voting
  • political action
  • volunteering
  • staying abreast of community activities, efforts, needs
  • doing your part by keeping your home, environment, efforts clean, green, and proactive
  • sharing your talents, abilities to help develop, better your community
  • positive, inclusive, timely political advocacy and action
  • voting
  • volunteering/stepping up to serve on committees or related positions
There's so much that we can do to better who we are, whom we love, and where we live with regard to positive development, good living, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

It's a step-by-step, incremental effort that scales when everyone is on board with this thinking and action. I'm hoping the days ahead will show us that Trump and his family/cronies' poor example of living/leadership stands as an example of who not to be and what not to do. I'm hoping that Americans use these self-serving individuals' efforts as a catalyst with regard to what not to do, who not to be, and how not to act. Let's hope that Americans do not give up on our Constitutional laws and freedoms and our country's values to be a strong, independent, freedom-loving, inclusive people who work together for the best possible living for all. I am hopeful this will happen soon. I am hopeful that this painful Trump-era will end leaving us all with the knowledge of how quickly our ideals and potential can be lost if we let selfish, ignorant, weak, lazy, and dangerous people gain positions of power in our government, organizations, communities, and homes. We can do better.