Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Math Learning/Teaching Routine

Every year I change the math learning/teaching routine. I find that the more solid the routine, the better students are able to independently learn with depth, confidence, and skill.

I thought about this today as I looked ahead to the math teaching year for 2019-2020.

I will use the following simply daily routine for the core math time:
  1. 5 minutes: Read the morning message, collect the supplies you need and write the daily question at the top of your math journal page.
  2. 10 minutes: Engage in the introductory discussion  - a question that relates to yesterday's key question and today's question.
  3. 30 minutes: Participate in the daily task - typically a hands-on and/or online task that's individual and/or collaborative.
  4. 5 minutes: Clean-up
  5. 10 minutes: Final discussion/clean-up/transition
  6. Home study: answer the day's question in your math journal with pictures, numbers, and/or words.