Sunday, April 21, 2019

Rethinking the road ahead; what calls me

As I think about the week ahead refreshed after a week's vacation, I'm realizing that some of what I've worked for in the past is a right direction, and some of what I've tried to work for is best left at the side of the life road.

A Welcoming Home
When you continually fail at some initiatives, it may be that those are initiatives that don't belong to you--efforts that are other than a truthful direction for who you are and 'what you are. As I think about that today, I realize that a right direction for me is a welcoming home--I want to continually create a home that's inviting, a haven for family/friend gatherings, study, writing, thought, prayer, and living well. This is a goal that calls me. Will I always live in this home? I'm not sure about that, but I do know that creating a welcoming home takes focus and practice, and it doesn't matter where you live or where you might move since the welcoming home skills and mindset is transferable.

Top-Notch Grade Level Program at School
I also know that I'm motivated to work with colleagues to develop a top-notch grade level learning program and environment, a place where children feel welcome and a place where children are enthusiastic and excited about developing their knowledge, skill, concept, mindset, and collaboration related to all kinds of academic and social-emotional interests, needs, goals, and standards.

Simple, Adventurous, Reflective Life
Living a simple life continues to call me too with the motto, less things, more time. Time is a treasured commodity for me, and there's few things that bring me the same satisfaction as time. Adventure, research, investigation, reflection, and analysis call me too--I love to see new places, meet new people, learn about new ideas, and think about the ways we can live life well, work together, create, and enjoy life.

Good People
I love surrounding myself with good people in beautiful, warm, and loving spaces. Those spaces may include nature preserves, mountains, lakes, beaches, homes, museums, cities, towns, and almost anywhere that offers engaging activity, exploration, and places to connect, tell stories, and encourage one another. The world is full of amazing people, and I enjoy spending time with those people and learning all about their lives and pursuits. Even in entertainment, I prefer shows, books, and experiences that introduce me to good people rather than entertainment focused on negative, hurtful action and events.

There are other areas of life that I am intrigued by, areas of life that friends and family members commit to with strength and dedication, but in truth, those areas of life don't call me the same way--I don't really want to commit time and energy to those areas of life--they're not who I am, and or who I want to be most. I can enjoy these areas of life via the investment that friends and family members make. I can encourage their good work and involvement in these areas of life and live those areas of life vicariously via my friends and family members' stories and experiences.

Our diversity as a people is always amazing to me--the ways we are called to be and live differs so much amongst us. By embracing the differences via connection, storytelling, encouragement, support, and shared times, we live fuller lives--lives that help us to follow our unique paths and lives that allow us to be more by embracing others' unique paths as well.