Sunday, March 24, 2019

Thoughts about Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft has been accused of breaking the law. It appears that to please himself he got involved in illegal and troubling human trafficking efforts. This is particularly troubling to me, a woman from New England, because Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots--a team that brings lots of pleasure and a sense of camaraderie to New Englanders. Most people in our part of the world look forward to the games and have a sense of pride related to the team.

Yet, we know that human trafficking is horrendous, inhumane, greedy, and wrong. People are used to please others--they are treated like slaves and do not have the chance to live good lives like the rest of us. Why would Kraft break the laws and support such inhumane activity? We have laws for a reason.

I believe that the trial should take place. I believe that if Kraft is found guilty, just punishment should be to contribute significant dollars towards the fight against human trafficking. I believe this incident sends a message to all of us--a message that says none of us are above the law, and if we don't like the laws, we need to work to change them.

The stronger message is that none of us have the right to abuse or misuse other people--to support human trafficking for your own pleasure is to abuse others. We all have to look at our lives and actions, and work against the discrimination, abuse, and harm against people. We all have to work for what is right and good, what is humane and just.

Kraft needs to turn his support away from Trump and his disastrous cronies. Kraft needs to redeem himself by working against human trafficking and inequity in our country with lots of dollars and support for what is right and good. He can do that.