Friday, February 08, 2019

What is Positive Information Share?

Good information share is integral to the work we do. When we know what's happening, we can do better work because we can prepare for future efforts and change. I'm probably cognizant of this because time is short and it's important to use that time well.

Hearsay and conjecture too often waste time because hearsay and conjecture are often untrue, misguided, and problematic. It's better to find out the truth of the matter rather than rely on hearsay and conjecture.

For example recently I heard a couple of reports that seemed improbable--the reports didn't make sense so I reached out to find out the facts so I could move forward in a way that used time well with good knowledge. Typically in schools most information is easily shared since the efforts we work together on are not issues that have to be kept private, instead they are issues that follow public decision making and action channels.

As I think of this topic and the year ahead, I am thinking of the information most integral to the work I do which includes information related to curriculum efforts and change, scheduling, and supports. For example, at this time, I don't expect any big curriculum changes, since there are many efforts in the works to update curriculum to match relatively new state standards and cognitive research. We have a number of assessments in place that help us to guage our work to see if we're hitting the targets we have set, targets such as students' ability to read, write, and understand mathematics, social studies, and science well. And goals related to building strong, supportive teams. These are good goals that present a good level of positive challenge and growth ahead.

Information share that is timely, respectful, and clear is essential with regard to doing the good work possible. Regular updates that are inclusive help in this regard.

Of course there will be questions and room for growth. Often when we send our newsletters out to famlies, we receive questions with regard to clarification--those questions help us to better our communication and clarity.

As I noted to students today as we discussed a class challenge, when we ask questions early on and report troubles while they are small, we avoid bigger, more troubling issues later on. So even though a question may be troubling, it's better to ask, than to rely on hearsay and conjecture which may be untrue or unclear. Onward.