Friday, February 08, 2019

A Hilly Day

Up, down, and all around. It was a hilly day. Sometimes one day can seem like a whole week in an elementary school because so much happens in the day.

Today ended on a great note with the fifth graders writing fairy tales with their kindergarten buddies--a joyful event. There was also a spring-like recess too at the very end of the day.

Before that one student completed an excellent slide show about potential and kinetic energy, we started our new science rotations with a focus on teamwork, and had a terrific reading data meeting that focused on how we can help children to read, read, read with confidence, enjoyment, and skill.

It was a very busy week all in all with the faculty meeting, report cards, and a host of other professional meetings, discussions, prep, and planning.

Next week's focus includes fraction project completion, climate change projects, Valentine's Day mailboxes, science exploration, and the start of portfolio work. It's the weekend prior to vacation so we'll want to catch up on and complete lots of work. Onward.