Thursday, February 14, 2019

Done to, not with

One of the major ways to oppress people is to make decisions for them rather than with them. Worse is to make people believe that you are making decisions with them, when in truth you are making the decisions on your own. It's discouraging to hear about decisions made for you via channels of hearsay, gossip, and hallway chatter rather than inclusive, respectful decision making processes.

I imagine we all face this kind of treatment in aspects of our lives, and most of us know what it feels like to be managed rather than to be part of a team. To be managed leaves one with that feeling that they're a robot, peon, or do-it rather than a valuable part of the overall team. It's discouraging at best.

That's the way it is and we can stand up for our selves at times, but there are other times when it simply isn't worth it and we just accept the oppression and oppressors as an inevitable part of life on the planet. Onward.