Monday, January 28, 2019

When Teaching is Just For Show; It's a Waste of Time

I imagine that in every organization there are sometimes efforts that are simply for show. These efforts have little to do with the good work or development of an organization, but are more directed to checking the box and impressing those that matter.

As you can imagine I am not very interested in teaching for show--I like to teach for the good learning of my students. I particularly don't like to be part of the show when the those viewing the show have little knowledge, interest, or investment in what's really happening in schools. When this happens I feel a lot more like an animal in a zoo than a professional teacher.

As much as possible efforts in schools need to be well thought out, time well used, and the rationale well examined. In general it's a waste of money and time when things are done just for show. Instead of elevating our teaching/learning communities, just for show serves to demean and diminish the essence of why we teach and the potential that teaching holds.