Monday, January 28, 2019

That Messy Place in the Learning

We're at that messy place in the math unit--the place that's not all neat and tidy, but messy because everyone has mastered a different part of the unit, and there are lots of questions. As students practice the finer parts of the unit, they hit snags along the way, and for some, they are ready to move on to new study--they've had enough of this unit.

We'll stay the course however for the next 2-3 days until everyone takes the assessment. Then all will move forward to the fraction unit, but we'll make time to revisit concepts not mastered and that still need practice in division both during the fraction unit and during RTI blocks.

Perhaps a more engaging review would have captured their attention more. That's something I'll think about. Until then, however, we'll follow the path set, practice a lot, take the assessment, and then move forward to a more engaging and creative fraction investigation. Onward.