Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Updating the Teaching/Learning Routine

Reflection about the teaching/learning routine has me making a few updates to better what I can do.

What does the weekly routine look like?

Five 60-Minute Math Periods
There are five 60-minute core math periods a week. One of those periods is focused on an online math-tech menu that lasts for about 45-minutes at one sitting and another 15 minutes at another sitting. Next year we've advocated for a change to create five full 60-minute periods. Those core math times are filled with a variety of teaching activities including whole class lessons, online review, project work, online/offline practice and more.

Two Math RTI Sessions Each Week
These periods are often interrupted due to a large number of factors. This interrupts the needed consistency and depth of this work. We have advocated for better times for this teaching/learning next year so that consistency is increased. In many ways RTI offers learners a chance to get more tailored support for the math learning they need and desire which is positive when done well.

Two Sixty Minute Science Periods 
In general I have two sixty minute science periods a week on Friday. Those periods are sandwiched between a set-up and clean-up time which is positive. As I think ahead with regard to science learning, I want to start the teaching earlier in the year so there are more periods overall and I want to continue to sandwich the times between time for set-up and clean-up since the science teaching/learning takes up quite a bit of space. The apt scheduling of these periods is something that colleagues and I will focus on in coming months as we meet teaching/learning expectations for this year and plan for next year.

Reading Four Mornings a Week
Students start the day four mornings a week reading. This has been very positive. Teachers read too which offers a positive example of reading to students. We want to continue this good practice and deepen it too.

Extra Help for All
There are two morning extra help sessions a week open to all students. This is a popular choice for many and a good time to work with teachers and other students on homework, projects, and more.

Targeted Extra Help
A couple of mornings a week there is targeted extra help for a few students who demonstrated a need for this.

Math Lunch
Soon I will begin a math lunch meeting for a few students who are unable to make the morning extra help sessions. This will be positive.

Class Meetings, Movies, Read Aloud, SEL, and Organization
When needed or desired we make time for important class movies, meetings, SEL, read aloud, and organization. These efforts are integrated into academic times as well as during other times during the week when needed. These periods help to develop greater class community, care, and positivity.

Creating a positive weekly schedule ensures that you meet the expectations for learning and teaching set. This is important.