Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Seeking Betterment Doesn't Mean You're Better

I am in the search for betterment because everywhere I look I see opportunity to do more and better. This pursuit doesn't mean I'm better, and perhaps means I have more room to better myself and improve than others thus the vision at hand. Whatever the truth of that matter is, I know and I've seen the great result of the search for betterment. In my life, I've seen what medical innovation, good education, right policies, and community action have done for people's lives, I've seen betterment in action and I like what I see.

There is limitless opportunity for betterment in the world, and this opportunity presents itself big and small. In communities we know that if we better people's opportunity for quality health care, education, environmental protections, nutritious food, and beautiful, natural and human-made communities, we'll elevate individuals' lives. This elevation will result in greater peace, happiness, and good living.

There is limitless opportunity at the state and national levels to improve our use of renewable energy, protect our environment, support quality education and health care, build better more streamlined and modern infrastructure and transportation, and work for world harmony in modern, peaceful ways. We can use our intelligence, good process, and individual strengths to work together to make better. The challenge lies in forging new paths and processes to make this happen as well as to diminish old fears and myths that relate to beliefs that only some can live well while others have to suffer. We can work for everyone's benefit, and when more succeed there is greater success all around.

The challenge in the pursuit of betterment is that we can't do it all or be it all. We have to put some ideas on hold while we forward other ideas. We have to choose our alliances carefully when it comes to this betterment work and watch out for fools and manipulators who use fear and lies to confuse us, bring us down, and belittle the great potential that exists.

To work for betterment doesn't mean that you're better than others. Instead it means that you're well aware of your frailties as well as the potential that exists to better your own life and the lives of others. Betterment is an awesome perennial pursuit and challenge--one that so many of us are invested in. Onward.