Friday, January 04, 2019

Climbing Out of the Trump Hole

I fell down the Trump hole tonight. I was lured by his threats to shut down the government for years, a threat I found to be an abusive effort to incite fear amongst the American people. As I read more of his tweets and multiple news reports, I fell further down that Trump hole--a hole that's filled with disrespect, exaggeration, and lies.

Why does a President of the United States who took an oath to "insure domestic tranquility" and "promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" act with such abuse of power by threatening the American people, inciting fear, exaggerating the truth, spreading mistruths, and seemingly only working for the rights and privileges of a few rather than the many.

Yet, I have to climb out of the Trump hole and do what I can to rid our country of the leadership of this self-serving president who appears to put his power, pocketbook, and popularity ahead of what is right and good for our country.

Outside of the Trump hole, I will find avenues to support the good work, good ideas, and good living of so many dedicated Americans who love their families, contribute to their communities, work hard, collaborate for betterment, and enjoy the wonderful country we have without harming or hurting others. There are many, many good, honest leaders ready to take the helm from this self-serving man and his shortsighted, me-first cronies and family members.

Outside of the Trump hole, I'll do my work to the best of my ability and work towards a good country for all, not just some. There is opportunity everywhere to do what is right and good and we have to make time to stand up, speak out, and work for promising change. There is room in this world for all to succeed and our strength lies in uplifting the least amongst us first and then elevating each other in this quest.

Trump abuses his power. He disrespects so many hard working, good Americans every single day. He doesn't make time to do the good work possible with the multiple bright and dedicated Americans that exist all over the country. Instead of prioritizing his time and support in honest, positive ways, he chooses to grandstand issues that will create a lack of tranquility and a lack of support for the the general welfare of our country and people. I do not believe Trump is living up to his oath of office--he continually decries freedom of the press, demonstrates discriminatory attitudes and behaviors towards multiple groups and individuals, and seems to lack the empathy, intelligence, and good character that our country needs, deserves, and will benefit from. We can do better.